About Faculty Of Doctoral Studies And Research

Greetings to all the researchers and Ph.D. scholars on behalf of RK University’s Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research (FDSR)! The role of FDSR is to support, encourage, and actively facilitate academic research in a variety of disciplines including Management, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology.

Recent advances in the field of academic and industrial research clearly suggest that Indians working abroad in many of the industrialized nations have made enormous contributions to the world of discovery and innovation. We must now increasingly facilitate such research activities in India. Traditionally, our society has promoted the compartmentalization of knowledge into various categories and disciplines. However, the world of research knows no such boundaries. Having actively performed biomedical research in the United States for over a decade, I can readily attest to the fact that interdisciplinary research activities are indeed of prime importance to mankind (I personally know an American biochemist who designed/engineered a LASER-based imaging microscope and an engineer who actively developed biological assays). Therefore, FDSR strongly advises researchers to take up interdisciplinary research activities by adopting futuristic and revolutionary approaches.